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Delivery under time. Wow great experience :)

Ewelina, 03 Jul 2020

Excellent Service

Captain, 03 Jul 2020

Awesome food thank you

Spike, 24 Jun 2020

Great food great price long drive but worth it

Alexander, 24 Jun 2020

Spot on thanks

Soda, 12 Jun 2020

Great service and delicious food very good!!

Fiona, 08 May 2020

great food, great price, great service - GREAT

Iain, 08 May 2020

A lovely treat and delivered 37 minutes early!

Hugh, 08 May 2020

Great food.Staff was very pleasant and great sense of humour. Will surely be back very soon for the delicious cap zones. Maybe the best I had.

Stephanie Barne, 25 Apr 2020

Always Brilliant SIMPLES as Sergei would say if he was here he would tell you himself!!

Campbell, 22 Apr 2020

You sent me an email to use my loyalty points as they would expire within 30 days, i have 656. Turns out you can only use if you have 1000 which you do not state, unless you talk to the person on the app chat who gives you this information. Now i will lose loyalty points, so you should not send emails to people with under 1000 points.

Jamie, 05 Apr 2020

  Reply : Hi, the emails are sent automatically before the points expire just to let you know. The minimum points is now 500, not 1000 so you should be able to use them.

Great food always served in time by polite staff!

Richard, 07 Mar 2020

Nae bad son

Kenny, 04 Mar 2020

Always great

Colin, 29 Feb 2020

Food is amazing and good price for the stuff I ordered well impressed

Steven, 07 Feb 2020

Amazing service, very friendly staff, not expensive at all, and the food very tasty.

Dasha Ibero, 15 Jan 2020

Very fast for delivery.Big thank you!

Puscas, 07 Jan 2020

Fantastic job, fantastic food

Euan Fairbairn, 20 Dec 2019

It's okay

Karolina, 15 Dec 2019

Exceedingly good food and service.

Jan, 15 Dec 2019


Heather, 08 Dec 2019

Verry good

Heather, 08 Dec 2019

delivery could always be quicker but can never fault the quality of food

A Crainey, 05 Dec 2019


Katherine, 01 Dec 2019

Always great food.. Tastiest and best in Oban.

Campbell, 16 Nov 2019

Always reliable and definitely worth it

Richard, 14 Nov 2019